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  • I live in the planet called earth.
  • My occupation is SW:Editor
  • I am Female

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Tir -

  • What an attractive young man you are. ---Windy
  • Oh my, what a cute messenger we have this year. ---Leknaat

Riou -

Hugo -

  • This little guy will have a crazy success with girls! ---Percival

Lazlo -

Freyjadour -


  • Azure Dreams lock
  • Air force delta lock
  • Gege Kitaro lock
  • Jubeat Lock
  • King kobg lock
  • Pop and Music lock
  • Sound Voltexlock

Zone og thw ebder close

  • Animaniac Open
  • Batman Lock
  • Beatmania Open
  • Bloody Roat lock
  • Deadly Arts Open
  • Ephemeral Phantasia open
  • Nano Breaker Open
  • Shadiw of memories open
  • Sunset rider open
  • Wonder Boy Open
  • Boktai Open
  • Bonk Open
  • Buck O hare open
  • Coded Arms Open
  • Drum Mania Open
  • Far East of Eden Open
  • Frogger Open
  • Lost in blue open
  • MLB open
  • Rumble Roses Open
  • Shaman King Open
  • Teenage Mtant ninja tirtle lock
  • The Goonied Open
  • Tiny Toon open
  • Tpkimeki open
  • Vandal Hearts open
  • Pro Evolution Soccer open
  • Yugi lock
  • Zenki lock


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