Tsurikko Penta (つりっ子ペン太? lit. "Penta's Fisherman") is a fishing-themed medal game based on the Antarctic Adventure series released by Konami in 1991 in Japan, along with Balloon Penta and Imo Hori Penta. It also was made as a redemption game named Super Fisherman Penta and the mobile-based game Penta no Tsuri Bōken, which was available only on Konami's now defunct Konami Net DX service. All of these titles were released in Japan only.


The game is a fishing game which follows Pentaro, who have to catch fishs to score coins. He need to avoid cans, octopuses and whales.


  • Kokekko, the character from Kokekko!!, appears brievly as a cameo in the text boxes when the player catches a fish.
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