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Tokimeki Memorial (ときめきメモリアル Tokimeki Memoriaru?, lit. "Heartbeat Memorial") is a dating sim video game developed and published by Konami. The first game in the Tokimeki Memorial series, it was first released for the PC Engine's Super CD-ROM² System on May 27, 1994. It was directed by Yoshiaki Nagata, with Koji Igarashi working on scenario writing. It later received numerous ports to the PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Super Famicom, Game Boy Color, PlayStation Portable, and mobile platforms. The game was also included in the list of games for the PC Engine Mini in March 19, 2020 in Japan only.

Other appearances[]

  • Shiori Fujisaki was a playable character as Konami Wai Wai Sokoban, Bombergirl and Super Bomberman R.
  • Shiori and her School Girls made cameos as Trivia in Quiz Magic Academy II and nonogram puzzle images in Pixel Puzzle Collection.
  • Shiori Fujisaki pilots Heaven Gate as the boss of Stage 5 in Otomedius Excellent.
  • Shiori appears in a shop that allowed players to teleport between towns in Ganbare Goemon 3.
  • Shiori makes cameo in Flash Puzzle: Maxwell's Mysterious Notebook.
  • In Mah-jong Fight Club SP, Shiori Fujisaki, Saki Nijino, Ayako Katagiri and Miharu Tatebayashi was incluided as Petit Pro's special characters.
  • In Pro Yakyū Spirits A, Shiori Fujisaki appears during in the event 2018 Series no Gaikoku Hito OB (2018 Series の外国人OB) as part of Kessei! Pro Spirits Ouen-Dan (結成!プロスピ応援団) from September 25 to October 2.

Other media[]

  • Shiori and Ayako makes cameo in the chapter 37 from the manga Hi Score Girl.

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