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Sexy Parodius (セクシーパロディウス Sekushī Parodiusu?) is a scrolling shooter arcade game. It is the fifth game in the Parodius series produced by Konami. Like the rest of the series, it is a parody of Gradius and other Konami games. It is also the final Parodius shoot 'em up game, because next Parodius-related game, Paro Wars, is a strategy game like Cosmic Wars.


Old Lecher Tako A (Takosuke) has opened-up an agency of some sort that helps clients with problems and has hired Pentarou as his secretary. He recruited "workers" (the playable characters, who had gone their seperate ways prior to Sexy Parodius) that will solve the problems of each client.


The gameplay in Sexy Parodius is similar to Gradius and the games before it, but with a new catch. Instead of just playing through each level and destroying enemies while avoiding getting hit, the player must also complete a special mission for each stage as well. Some of these missions range from collecting a certain amount of coins in a stage to destroying a certain object or enemies. Depending whether or not the player completes the mission will determine whether the player what the next stage will be. Unlike past versions, home ports of the game (except for the PSP port) has cooperative multiplayer intact (where both players play simultaneously). It is also improved in that the game continues to play even when one player is choosing a character upon continuing.

In a 2-player game, when certain characters are near enough, a third-shot appears between them which can be purple shots that swirl all-over the screen, hearts that home in on enemies, or rockets that shoot straight ahead. This feature was first seen on Konami's arcade game Trigon (a.k.a Lightning Fighters).


Sexy Parodius was ported to the Sega Saturn and PlayStation in 1996/1997 for Japan. These versions allow the Special Stage to be selected on the Title Screen after finishing the game with all conditions passed. They also come with unlimited continues (the game doesn't keep track of credits). It was also included in Parodius Portable (albeit with music from some stages replaced with other remixed classical songs) for the PSP.

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