Roc'n Rope (ロックンロープ?) is a 1983 action platformer arcade game developed and published by Konami (published by Kosuka/Interlogic in some markets). The player, a flashlight and harpoon-gun equipped archaeologist, had to ascend a series of rocky platforms in a Lost World scenario to reach a Phoenix bird.


The player goal is to reach the Pheonix Bird at the top of each level. In order to achieve this, he has to use his rope to climb to the highers platforms. But the task won't be easy, as he also has to avoid ferocious dinosaurs and red-haired cavemen against which there aren't direct means of offense. The only ways to defeat the opponents is either temporary (dazing them with the flashlight) or indirect (waiting for them to be suspended on a harpoon rope to make them fall down), an element which adds a certain amount of trickiness to the game.

Bonus items to collect include fallen phoenix feathers and phoenix eggs, which grant the player invulnerability from the prehistoric denizens for a short period of time.

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