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Parodius Da! (パロディウスだ! -神話からお笑いへ- Parodiusu Da! Shinwa kara Owarai e?, lit. "It's Parodius! From Myth to Laughter"), released outside Japan simply as Parodius, is a horizontal scrolling shoot'em up arcade game released on April 15, 1990, and is the second title in the Parodius series produced by Konami.

The European SNES version is also known as Parodius: Non-Sense Fantasy. The gameplay is stylistically very similar to the Gradius series, but the graphics and music are intentionally absurd.

An Mobile Version is known as Parodius Deluxe Edition (パロディウスだ! 豪華版 Parodiusu da! Gōka-ban?), was one of the released after the Gradius mobile version.

This game is often mistaken as the original game of the series. The lesser known original game Parodius, released for the MSX computer in Japan.


  • Chichibinta Rika makes cameo as toy in Tokimeki Memorial.
  • Pastel wears a Chichibinta Rika-like outfit in the interactive game TwinBee PARADISE in Donburi Island.
  • Pentarō and Cat Battleship make a cameo as fishing baits in the video game TwinBee RPG.
  • Chichibinta Rika, Hot Lips and Captain Penguinovski the 3rd appear in the puzzle game Pixel Puzzle Collection that commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Parodius series.
  • Parodius Da! is one of the video games featured in the Rock'n Game Boy manga.
  • In Fushigi Shoujo Nile na Thutmose episode 20 "The Phantom of Game Center" (1991), Nile Tuthmose is playing Parodius Da!.
  • TwinBee from Parodius Da! makes a cameo in the issue Brilliant Bomberman! of the Hudson Makyou manga.
  • Snatcher parody comic titled Snatcher Da! was released in the 1992 issue of Monthly Magazine PC Engine.
  • Chichibinta Rika from Parodius Da! makes cameo in the chapter 17 from Hi Score Girl.

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