Nemesis 3: The Eve of Destruction (ゴーファーのやぼう エピソード・ツー, Gōfā no Yabō Episōdo Tsū, Gofer's Ambition Episode II) is a 1988 computer game, developed and published by Konami exclusively for the MSX platform in 1988. It was only released in Japan and Europe. The game is part of the long running Gradius series of side-scrolling shooters and is a spin-off of Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou. It is the second game of the series to be released exclusively for the MSX after Nemesis 2. In terms of the story; the game is a sequel to Gradius II, Nemesis 2, and the MSX conversion of Salamander. The game takes place almost 200 years after the crisis with Dr. Venom and James Burton has died in the year 6718. The Vic Viper is replaced by a new ship called the Vixen (4 classes); piloted by David Burton, a direct descendant of James who is assisted by his AI Gaudie.

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Gradius Calendar 6718, Lars 18th (James Burton) dies. Age 77 years old. In the following year, in order to convey his numerous achievements to afterlife, James Hill was built.

Gradius Year 6790, David Burton is born. As a direct descendant of James Burton, he is also the owner of powerful Wreek abilities.

19 years later, 6809. Subspace fighter "Vixen" was completed. The entrance to Sub-Space, the home to the Bacterian which was coveted for a long time, was opened. The pilot is David Burton himself.


The A.I.C. (Artificial Intelligence Computer) installed on Vixen, "Gaudie", detects an abnormality on its radar. The Bacterian army was headed to the past with a space-time transcoder. The objective of the Bacterian was to kill James Burton during his childhood to change all history afterward. David chases after them using Vixen's subspace navigation and black-hole power.

Can you stop the ambitions of the Bacterian? And then, return again to the present...?

Gameplay Edit

Four distinct classes of Vixen can be chosen. The first one resembles the original Vic Viper. The second one is a twisted version of Vic Viper, featuring the new "Photon Missile". The third one is more like Metalion from Nemesis 2, featuring "Napalm Missile" and (Extended) "Fire Blaster". The fourth one is more like the Sabel Tiger from Salamander, featuring the 2-way missile approach and "Ripple Laser". All four classes may choose between the classic "Shield" or the "Force Field", which takes less hits to expire, but protects from any direction. It is also possible to choose the behavior of "Option", from the original shadow movement, "Fixed" and "Rolling", like the "Option Warrior" from Nemesis 2.

The game retains several of the new weapons introduced in Nemesis 2 like "Up Laser", "Fire Blaster" and "Vector Laser" as well as Salamander weapons like "Meteor Laser" and "Screw Laser". This is the only game in the Nemesis series which visibly keeps track of the number of speed boosts. In order to upgrade the ship's weapons, secret spots must be found, just like the secret stages in Nemesis 2 and the predictions in Salamander.

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