Metamorphic Force (メタモルフィックフォース?) is an arcade game released by Konami in August 1993. It is one of the Konami's last side-scrolling beat 'em up games to appear in the arcades, along Violent Storm.

The game mechanics are similar to those of Konami's earlier arcade hit, X-Men, and runs on the same hardware as their ninja-themed game, Mystic Warriors.


The evil one, Death Shadow, has risen from the dead to rule the world once more. The Greek goddess Athena has summoned the souls of four ancient guardians and bestowed their power upon four heroes to stop evil once again. These guardians wield the ability to morph into anthropomorphic beasts to fight their enemies.


Ban (蛮): A martial artist. His guardian soul is a Fighting Bull, hence his beast form is a Minotaur.

Claude: A swordsman who wields a rapier. His guardian soul is a White Wolf, and he transforms into a White Werewolf.

Max: A fighter with a boxing style. His guardian soul is a Black Panther, and so his beast form is a Werepanther.

Ivan (Иван): A hunter and wrestler who fights with a small log. His guardian soul is a Bear, so he transforms into a Werebear.

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