Konami Lady (コナミレディー Konami Redī?) is an android superheroine created by Dr. Cinnamon (of TwinBee series fame) and a Konami mascot character. She was introduced in the 1988 Famicom crossover game Konami Wai Wai World, as a female counterpart to Konami Man.



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  • Athena - 01

    Princess Athena

    Konami Lady bears a remarkable resemblance to SNK's Athena, the heroine of the 1986 platformer game of the same name, although it's unknown if Konami Lady's design was indeed inspired by her.
    • It's worth mentioning that later redesigns for both characters further accentuated their similarities, such as both being given a double-colored ribbons motif –in Konami Lady's case it's a scarf, whereas in Athena's they're two colored ribbons coming from the hilt of her sword–, as well as angel wings added to Athena's sandals, much like Konami Lady's head ornaments.

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