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Knightmare, known as Majō Densetsu (魔城伝説?) in Japan, is a vertical scrolling shooter developed and published by Konami for the MSX in 1986. The game was later re-released for mobile phones in 2003.


The player takes the role of Popolon, a knight that has the mission to defeat the evil Hudnos in order to rescue the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite.


The game plays like a traditional vertical shooter, but instead of playing a spaceship like it is generally the case with games in that genre, the player plays a knight instead and has to defeat enemies throughout eight levels inspired on ancient Greece.

Weapons are swords that Popolon throws at his enemies. On his way, he can find many boxes throughout the levels, which once broken grant many kinds of power-ups to Popolon, such as more firepower for his attacks, invincibility, shields to protect him from projectiles, or even some items which destroy all the enemies onscreen, or stop the scrolling of the screen and the enemies for a certain amount of time. At the end of each level, he has to fight a boss.