King's Valley II: The Seal of El Giza (王家の谷 エルギーザの封印 Ōke no Tani: El Giza no Fuuin?) is a puzzle platformer game developed and published by Konami on MSX in 1988. The game was later ported on MSX2 in Japan. It is a direct sequel to King's Valley.


Far, far into the future, inter-planetary archaeologist Vick XIII, makes a choking discovery; The pyramids on earth are malfunctioning devices of alien origin with enough energy to destroy earth. And it's up to Vick to switch off the core functions of El Giza.


King's Valley II is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer game. The game features the same gameplay as its predecessor but it is more puzzle-orientated. The player still has to find all the orbs to clear a level, while avoiding or destroying enemies such as mummies and breaking walls using the various tools at his disposal. The games features more tools than the previous game, which offered only the pickaxe to dig wall and the sword to be thrown at enemies. In this game, the drill, the hammer and shovel were added to add more difficulty to the puzzles.

The game has around over 60 levels, each "world" consisting of six pyramids, with each of them having 10 levels.

Edit ModeEdit

The game also features an edit mode which allow the player to create its own level and puzzles.


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