Hexion (ヘクシオン Hekushion?) is a puzzle game released in 1992 by Konami for arcade platforms exclusively in Japan. It is a licensed port of the game Hextris, originally designed by David Markley.


Hexion is a falling-blocks puzzle game, similar in concept to Tetris. While in Tetris the puzzle pieces were composed by square tiles, in Hexion they are composed by hexagonal tiles.

The game plays by the same rules of Tetris, with players having to move and rotate falling puzzle pieces to fit them at the bottom of the playing area, in order to create lines of tiles which are then destroyed. Due to the hexagonal format of the tiles, lines in this game follow a zigzag pattern. The game is over when the tiles reach the top of the screen.

Upon starting the game players can choose between playing a regular game, either alone or competing against a second player, or pick between three arena formats (normal, large and diagonal) for single player only.


  • Hexion features cameos of a few Konami mascots such as Penta, TwinBee and Moai.
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