Gungage (ガンゲージ Gangēji?) is a third-person shooter game developed and published by Konami for the PlayStation in 1999. The game was released in Japan and Europe only. The game takes place in a science fiction world similar to Elemental Gearbolt and Space Harrier. The soundtrack was composed by Michiru Yamane and Sōta Fujimori.


The world is threatened by strange creatures from an alternative world called Dark Moon, who want to take over the Earth. Beasts have begun to appear on earth and attack people, it's up to the four playable characters to save the world.


The player starts the game with Wakle Skade, the only character available, but three more can be unlocked. Each character has its own characteristics when it comes to the size of their gun, their speed, and their size. Each character also has its unique special psychic powers. The story progress differently depending of the characters, but the levels remains the sames (except the order of them). During the game, special powers need to be collected.

Settings of the various levels in the game vary from deserts to laboratories. Enemies in the game vary from prehistoric looking beast to futuristic robots and tanks. Enemies can run around, pop out of the ground, fly in the air, and come out of the water. At the end of each levels, the player has to fight a boss. Three levels of difficulty can be chosen; easy, medium, and hard mode.


  • Wakle Skade: A young, blonde man who is the only playable character at the beginning of the game. His rifle has only one primary attack: rapid-firing blue energy bullets. He has two special abilities, both of which are defensive, one is the energy shield and the other is a "stop bullet" that can freeze the enemy for a few seconds.
  • Kard Berdish: An ex-officer of the mysterious corporation that seems to be responsible for the monsters. He has white hair, wears a military uniform, and carries a multifunctional rifle that includes a laser rifle, flamethrower, homing-missile launcher, and grenade launcher, as well as two devastating special attacks.
  • Steyr Harquebus: A dissident fighting against the corporation. She is a small, teenage girl with a long-barrelled minigun that is taller than she is. She has only one primary attack but four special moves more than make up for this shortcoming.
  • Dee Van Feng: A cyborg teenage boy with long white hair, created by the corporation. Dee carries a pair of uzis.
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