Ganbare Goemon Kirakira Dōchū: Boku ga Dancer ni Natta Wake (がんばれゴエモン きらきら道中 ~僕がダンサーになった理由~? lit. "Ganbare Goemon Glittering Under the Road ~Why I Became a Dancer~") is the fourth Ganbare Goemon game released for the Super Famicom. It was developed and published by Konami and was released on December 22, 1995 in Japan.

Summary Edit

At the request of Impact, Goemon and his friends travel to several planets in order to defeat the evil commander Harakiri Seppukumaru. The game introduced the "Oni Oni Rendezvous" and title themes which would be used in later titles. The anime based on the series also uses some elements from this game, including the appearance of Seppukumaru and his followers.

Kirakira Dōchū returns to the map-based gaming of Kiteretsu Shōgun Magginesu and the inclusion of minigames. Each character is assigned a different world, with several side-scrolling levels and one or two towns. Each world has a castle stage, in which the boss fights consist of minigames. The game also features voice acting.

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