Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shōgun Magginesu (がんばれゴエモン2 奇天烈将軍マッギネス? lit. "Let's Go! Goemon 2: Very Strange General McGuiness") is a Super Famicom game by Konami released only in Japan, and the second of the SNES Ganbare Goemon games. This game was re-released along the first SNES Ganbare Goemon: Yuki-Hime Kyūshutsu Emaki (which was released outside Japan as The Legend of the Mystical Ninja) in a Game Boy Advance compilation, which also remained in Japan. This game marks the debut of Goemon's giant robot Impact and of the clockwork ninja Sasuke as a playable character (he previously debuted in Legend of the Mystical Ninja as a boss). The game has similarities to Super Mario World but it is shorter and arguably much more difficult.

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After rescuing Princess Yuki and saving Edo, Goemon and Ebisumaru decided to take a vacation at the Ryūkyū Resort when suddenly Sasuke appears and tells them that Japan is being threatened by the Western general McGuiness, who along with his army of bunny men, tries to westernize Japan. Goemon, Ebisumaru and Sasuke head to bunny castle to stop McGuiness. As the trio chase him and his bunny men around japan, McGuiness schemes a plan where he kidnaps several non-playable characters.

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