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Frogger in Toy Town is an action game developed by Q-Games and published by Konami for Apple Arcade. The game was released on september 20, 2019.


The gameplay seems in the same spirit to the Frogger original game, but in 3D top view instead.

The gameplay has some new additions, Frogger can now hop up structures in order to retrieve the froglets and he can even fire balls at enemy toys. Meanwhile, collect 100 beans and Frogger goes into "Super Frogger" mode, becomes invincible, and nothing can stop him as he hops onward, knocking blocks and cars out of his way.

Each stage has three tasks you need to complete to collect coins. Two of the tasks almost always revolve around saving a certain number of froglets while the third is usually level specific. Sometimes you have to avoid taking damage, other times you have to avoid being hit by a certain hazard. It can be troublesome when hazards start to stack up because if you do take a hit, any froglets you've rescued will scatter to the wind.

Save up enough coins from completing the tasks and you'll unlock new costumes, challenge levels, and houses filled with more stages to conquer set in.

Cop-op Mode[]

As of the update on April 17 2020, the co-op mode is now available for the player to play the game together with another player. By inviting a nearby guest through “Co-op play” in the main menu, the player can turn their device into a controller and play the game together.

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