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Frogger Inferno is an action-adventure game developed and published by Konami and released in March 2010 on iphones.


The game plays similarly to other Frogger games, players must employ familiar dodge-and-run tactics to safely guide Frogger across the busy highway to his home marsh while avoiding cars, trucks and alligator-filled waters ready to stop him in his tracks. But the game include a new challenge to the gameplay, now when Frogger moves, he leaves a trail of fire, and of course the fire would burn Frogger if touched, this makes the backtracking pretty much impossible, adding to the difficulty of the game.

As an added bonus, gamers can compete and compare scores with friends using the new Facebook Connect integration functionality, allowing users the opportunity to track game scores, play against others, and follow friends and family on the Frogger Leader Board.

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