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Diver's Dream, known as Dolphin's Dream (ドルフィンズ ドリーム Dorufinzu Dorīmu?) in Japan, is a 3D diving simulation game developed and published by Konami and released in 1998 on PlayStation. The game was released in Japan and Europe but didn't saw a North American release.



The player meets an old man named Roberto Meyer, who's lifelong dream is to explore the wreck of a ship called the "Gigantic Matilda". Together with him and accompanied by his grand daughter Olivia, the player sets off in a journey to start exploring the depths of the underwater seas in the hope to eventually find out the Gigantic Matilda.


The game is a 3D simulation diving. The player initially starts with a basic equipment, but in order to reach more depths, they need to buy and upgrade to a more adequate equipment. To do so, they have to find various valuable items in the underwater seas that could be sold for some money in town.

The game is managed in form of missions; the better equipment the player has, the better they can take on more difficult missions.