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Crime Life: Gang Wars is a beat 'em up game developed by Hothouse Creations and published by Konami and released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2005.


The player starts off as Tre, a citizen of the impoverished Hood district in Grand Central City. As a Hood resident, his dream is to become a member of the Outlawz, the local gang. In order to get accepted by the gang boss, Big Dog, Tre will have to run a few missions that involve killing some people, and he'll soon find himself a bona fide Outlaw with a few gang members that follow him around.


The game is a fictionalized simulation of gang wars, with the gameplay focused on street fights involving many gang members at once. Weapons include baseball bats, lead pipes, hammers and guns. The game includes over 25 story mode missions, as well as some free-play missions. Free roam is also available as in the popular Grand Theft Auto. The areas are relatively small but can prove useful when trying to locate your fellow gang members.

The game features harsh language and violence is definitely a staple of it. The game's music is all hip-hop, reflecting the urban and hip-hop atmosphere of the game. There are various methods of earning money, ranging from mugging to burglaries. The soundtrack of the game is provided by the hip-hop group D12, which also contributed the likenesses and voices for some of the game's key characters.

This game has been cited for combining free-roam elements similar to Grand Theft Auto, and beat 'em ups similar to Final Fight.


  • Another video game simply named Gang Wars was previously released for arcades in 1989 by SNK, although there is no relation between both titles.