Circus Charlie (サーカスチャーリー Sākasu Chārī?) is a platformer game developed and published by Konami in 1984. It received ports for the MSX, Commodore 64, Famicom and SG-1000, and was later included in the Konami 80's Arcade Gallery compilation for the PlayStation and the Konami Classics Series: Arcade Hits compilation for the Nintendo DS.


In Circus Charlie players control Charlie the Clown, with each of the game's six stages being based on a different circus event and featuring slight different gameplay. Two different revisions of the game exist, one with linear stage progression and another with a stage select.

  • In the first stage, Charlie rides on a lion, and must advance while jumping through flaming hoops and pots. Here, Charlie can advance at his own pace.
  • In the second stage, Charlie walks on a tightrope and has to advance while jumping over monkeys which walk in the opposite direction.
  • In the third stage, Charlie bounces on trampolines. This stage features no walking, as the player must time Charlie's bounces to reach the next trampoline, all while avoiding the fire breathers and sword jugglers.
  • In the fourth stage, Charlie walks over rolling balls. Charlie has to jump from one ball to another while moving.
  • In the fifth stage, Charlie rides a pony. The pony moves forwards by himself, and Charlie has to jump over springboards, timing his movement along with the pony.
  • In the sixth and final stage, Charlie jumps on trapezes. This stage is all about timing jumps to reach the next trapeze.
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