Bombergirl is a cabinet-dedicated arcade game developed and distributed by Konami, who obtained the rights to the Bomberman series after absorbing Hudson Soft in 2012.

It was announced at the JAEPO 2017 amusement machine exposition in Japan in February 2017 and had subsequently undergone location testing. It is only the second Bomberman arcade to be released, with 1997's Neo Bomberman being the first arcade released in the series.

It was only released Japan, tough it is possible that the game could see a limited North American release in Round1 arcades which have an official license to operate games that use Konami's e-Amusement service.



  • "KONAMI 50th Anniversary Wai Wai Collab" (KONAMI 50th Anniversary ワイワイコラボ) from March 20 to April 11.
  • "Gokujo Shoot Gacha" (極上シューティングガチャ) from May 16 to June 6.
  • "Detana!! Pastel Gacha" (出たな‼パステルガチャ) from July 11 to July 25.
  • Infiltrate!! Hierre Village's Strange Festival was Real!!?? (潜入!!ヒエール村の奇祭は実在した!!??) from December 3 to 24.
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